Steep Terrain & Complex Terrain Builders

At Toto Properties, we pride ourselves to be a leading construction company for building on sloping or very steep sloping land.  

Our expertise includes building on limited access sites, landslide-prone sites, rocky sites, high bushfire rated sites etc. 

When building on sloping blocks, it is of crucial importance to get the builder involved early in the design process, to consider all aspects of future construction and avoid costly processes normally suitable for flat land, but completely inappropriate for slopping land.  

Building on sloping site may sometimes be more costly due to construction complexity and accessibility challenges, however, the sloping land itself is normally cheaper and the views provide additional value to the sloping block home resulting in higher bank valuations when the home is completed.  

Overall, when engaging a builder with appropriate expertise, building on sloping blocks is cost-efficient and provides a higher return on investment than flat land buildings.

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