Our team

Toto Properties Pty Ltd as a company was established in 2012. However, we want you to know that you will communicate with us - real people. We also have a group of contractors who we have a great relationship with through past working experience. They are great assets to the company.

Peter Mikus

The director of the company, who migrated from Slovenia in 2006. He has had a passion for construction since childhood when he often accompanied his father who worked for a large building company. He worked as a casual labourer, handyman and carpenter, obtaining his building license in 2012. If you get a chance to talk to any of our customers, you will be told just how patient and trustworthy Peter is. Due to his personal interest in sustainable building, which is very much influenced by European building standards, the company promotes sustainability in house construction.

Gina Ding

The manager of the company, looking after its administration and finance. With a postgraduate degree in engineering, she is not just a woman in the office. In addition, she speaks fluent Mandarin to cater to our Chinese-speaking clients as we understand matters related to house building can be hard to understand in a second language.

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