Green & Energy Efficient Home Builders

We have all heard about energy efficiency in construction, green buildings, green living… but what does it all mean? 

We all know that the current Building Regulations in Australia prescribe minimum 6-star rating for new homes. That’s quite low in comparison to most of the other developed world standards. In fact, the 6-star rating is only a design rating and there is no serious assessment of actual performance.  

So when any major builder in Australia offers you 6-star house, there is absolutely nobody checking on the quality of insulation installation, draft proofing etc. In fact, most of the standard aluminium or timber windows are sealed very poorly, resulting in leakage of heat in cold winter months. 

At Toto Properties, we pride ourselves on having the practical expertise, experience and a deep understanding of issues related to the good energy performance of either new homes or extensive renovations. 

The construction cost of a good energy performing house built by Toto Properties is without a doubt higher than the standard “6 star home” by major Australian building companies. It is unlikely to be suitable for first home buyers or investors. However, it may be the perfect option for homeowners looking for a superior quality of living, even temperature provided by our hydronic floor heating, an absence of any draft and superior indoor air quality. 

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