House Extensions & Renovations

At Toto Properties, we pride ourselves by taking challenging construction projects, by boldly undertaking major structural modification of existing homes to modify them to suit new needs for modern living or growing families. 

There are countless homes around Melbourne built 30, 40 years ago which are structurally in very good condition, however, the existing layout does not suit modern way of living where we want open plan living to make most of the limited time we have at home with family. 

Decades-old cabinets are normally way over the expected lifespan and there is time for an upgrade which is done by our excellent cabinetmakers. 

Also, 20+-year-old bathrooms do not look very appealing and there is more often than not issues with waterproofing causing structural damage to your home. 

A quality well-managed renovation is a way better option than knock down and rebuild, often promoted by big building companies. 

Well done renovation/extension offer way better financial return for your investment and is generally avoided by major building companies because of lack of sufficiently qualified and experienced managers, able to take in consideration countless aspects needed to turn your home in shining success. 

At Toto Properties, we offer full service from initial consultation, architectural plans, engineering drawings, building permit and full construction as well if you have your own plans already finalised. 

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