Extensions & Renovations

TOTO Properties Extensions & Renovations

We utilise our abundance of experience in heavy duty structural works to accommodate your wild renovation and extension ideas.

As a family-oriented business Toto Properties has a wealth of experience, we believe every house is unique and appreciate the necessity for a home that meets the needs and requirements for your family and lifestyle. This belief is reflected from our approach in carrying out our projects with a high level of quality workmanship and customer service.

TOTO Properties offer a high quality service that’s assured by our wealth of experience. Our designer, structural engineer and builder, work hand in hand with our clients from the very first consultation to keep the budget under control while exploring every possibility.

We love the challenge of structural complexity and are able to provide a customised solution for nay design idea.

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 TOTO Properties take pride that we have worked with a group of experienced contractors whom we have built great relationships with. We have a passion for providing quality construction service for our clients in Melbourne and nearby areas. We have a unique approach to customising our services to meet our client’s needs and provide them with good options based on their budget. 

We understand that building a home is such a great deal for most of our clients and go the extra mile to ensure that your experience with Toto Properties is smooth and your house feels like a home.

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