As a registered building practitioner, the ultimate question we need to answer clients is Howe much will the house cost?

It is not an easy question to answer as there are many factors determining the cost of your proposed home. However, we will try to explain it in an easy way below.

  • SIZE obviously matters in building and construction. In fact, very few factors influence your total house bill more than ‘size’. In the building industry, some building ‘experts’ use square meter unit rate to determine the total cost of house. However, we think it is wrong and leads to big disappointments, miscalculations and wrong decisions with severe consequences. We will explain more in details in our next blog post.
  • The next important factor is SHAPE. In general, fewer corners mean less linear meters of external wall with the same amount of internal space. Hence, construction is simpler, faster. In addition, the thermal performance of simple rectangular buildings is much better due to smaller surface of external walls in relation to volume of house.
  • This one is not hard to understand: the number of levels. In most cases, a single storey house is the most cost efficient solution. Building cost increases significantly with two or more storeys.
  • Is your land flat or on slight slope or maybe on very steep slope? Building on sloped blocks is far more expensive as there are usually issues with difficult truck access, or the land being subject to landslide restrictions by local Council which requires construction of special landslide proof foundations etc.  However, the prices of sloped blocks are generally cheaper and sometimes come with beautiful views from your new home. Toto Properties is specialised in building on extreme sloped blocks (please refer to our portfolio for our past excellent jobs).
  • Level of finishes of the house. Do we have stone bench top or just laminated timber? Is there glass splash back in the kitchen or just tiles? What brands of appliances do we have? How quality is bathroom taps and tiles? Do we have solid timber flooring or just cheap laminate? What price range is the proposed carpet? How many drawers we have in kitchen. Many many more…

The second question we often get asked is What’s included in your quotation? Some builders include less items in their home building quote to make their quote more competitive. However, these items are less obvious but quite essential or in other words ‘common sense’, such as provisions for heating and cooling, floor coverings, driveway or landscaping.  We think it is ok to not include such items, but the customers should be aware about ALL costs to finalise your projects upfront. Also, when it comes to land subdivision, some councils do not approve the occupancy of completed houses until the landscaping is completed to their full satisfaction.

We hope it is helpful for you and stay tuned for our next blog post!


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